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Facebook For Fishing The Worldwide Fishing Club Upgrade, Mobile Version & Custom Profiles

Posted by Rob Oliver on July 23, 2013
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Creating the worlds biggest fishing community at http://www.theworldwidefishingclub.com has been a fun adventure that many youtube users have joined me on and today im pleased to announce the latest version of our community that everyone is welcome to join and become part of. Today we opened the mobile version of the community meaning fisherman and fisherwoman worldwide can now access our facebook for fishing. Also we have improved the site speed and given every member the option of a custom profile that they can use to create a recod of every fish they catch take pictures upload videos , create blogs start polls share recipes , pin point public or private fishing gps locations, chat with friends or other fishing around the world and much much more. Now as abit of a test as im very interested how much our descriptions influence the traffic our videos get im going to say that this worldwide fishing club website that we have would of interest to anyone that is searching for things related to the following searchs. So you dont really need to read them as its more for youtube to know that this video is relevent to all these words :) .. So thanks for watching and we at the worldwide fishing club look forward to meeting you over at the site. Now for some fun with youtube and hopefully attract those who will be interested in this video :) so do you like fly fishing ? or are you a member of any What about villas for fishing around the world that we can rent and go fishing in :) or do you know any fishing lure collectors , definatly keen on seeing more peoples lures from around the world. Scotland lets go fishing , lets see what you guys have over there Fishing clubs in canada are you interested in joining us on this mission salmon fishing clubs, come on we can make this place very very cool ;) fishing clubs in the northwest yes thats you guys as well Fishing shirt club ,, hmm this is on its way but i thnk we will start with caps .. Freshwater fishing this is great over here in New Zealand how about where you live? Gold coast fishing , im interested in a trip there next year any local tips ? fishing clubs nz we have heaps here! The stats say fishing in New Zealand is bigger than Rugby. Also these following fishing words i believe belong to people who will find this video interesting and so i have inculded them in the description of this video, made for the worldwide fishing club. International saltwater fishing club, free fishing club ,bimini big game fishing fishing friends in nsw looking for a free fishing club thats us. canterbury fishing & cairns fishing fishing club rules we dont have many but we ask everyone is friendly to each other.. darwin fishing club sportsmen's and fishing in wisconsin susquehanna river smallmouth bass fishing sushi groove fishing suffolk fishing sydney game fishing tautuku fishing tauranga game fishing tampa bay fly fishing starcross fishing cruising st. simons fishing square forks fishing stoney creek fishing and hunting stuart florida fishing stornaway sea fishing stoney creek fishing hunting san antonio target hunting and fishing saltlake city flyfishing saler fishing and south florida san diego fly fishing santa barbara sports fishing sandy hunting and fishing san francisco fly fishing rochester ice fishing ringwood fishing redland bay amateur fishing rod fishing rumford hunting & fishing rotary fishing derby rolling rock fishing santa cruz fly fishing shark fishing shallcross lake hunting and fishing shallcross lake fishing sikorsky fishing south carolina fishing social fishing snapper point fishing savannah sport fishing saranac lake fishing game sapelo saltwater fishing sea fishing uk shadow lakes sportsman's fishing shadow lakes sportsman fishing whangaroa fishing club, hey guys im from wellington :) hopefully see you on the site .. tight lines fishing club, hey those are my favorite words ,, great name! OK so that all from me and my attempt to atract as many fisherman and fisherwoman to this video as i can , Tight lines everyone and hopefully see you over at the site , remember its all free and everyone is welcome , lets make this some thing special.. Cheers Rob