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Smoked trout on baked spinach



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Smoked trout on baked spinach


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  • Posted By: Pali Fisher
  • Posted: Nov 27, 2011
  • Last Updated: Nov 27, 2011
  • Views: 2760
  • Likes: 2
  • Category: Smoked Fish
  • Tags: #Smoked trout Spinach
  • Description: Spinach bottom: 900 g spinach - 4 eggs - 1 dl milk (100 ml) - 100 g mayo - salt, fresh grinded pepper. - Topping: 500 g Smoked trout - 500 g Sour crème (18% or 38%, I use 38%) - 1 bundle dill weed - juice of ½ a lemon - salt, fresh grinded pepper - Decoration: 200 g fresh shrimps - caviar - cocktail tomatoes - cucumber - lemon slices. - Mix the eggs, milk and mayo in a bowl, mix in the spinach after you drained off eventual excess water. it's important or it will get soggy! add salt and pepper to your likening. - Bake in the oven at 180 Celsius degrees for 40 minutes and let it cool of till it's cold. - Now remove all bones from your trout, this might take a while but well worth it. - You don't want anyone choking during dinner, use a fork to mix up the smoked trout once your done and look for small bones you missed earlier. - Chop the bundle of Dill weed, mix it into the trout along with the sour cream, salt pepper and lemon juice to your likening. - Now add the smoked trout mousse on top of the cold spinach bottom, spread it out in an even layer and decorate it. - Let it sit in the refrigerator under cover for at least a few hours, server with flutes and a glass of white wine or champagne.