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Battered Halibut pieces!



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Battered Halibut pieces!


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  • Posted By: Christopher Thomas
  • Posted: Sep 19, 2011
  • Last Updated: Sep 19, 2011
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  • Category: Fish Type
  • Tags: #halibut #Battered
  • Description: Battered Halibut bites 1) heat oil in a deep fryer 2) Get a box of Pancake mix that says "Just add water" to it. But instead of adding water we will be adding Ginger Ale or sprite / 7-UP. Stir up two ingredients. May add spices if you want. 3)Cut halibut meat into little bite size pieces 3) Pat each piece dry so the pancake mix will stick to each other. 4) Dip in whole piece of meat into the batter and get it all over the meat 5) slowly put the covered meat into the deep fryer once the oil is hot enough. 6) Remove newly cooked battered halibut meat once the batter turns a nice golden brown colour. 7) Enjoy! ^___^

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  • Location Prince Rupert, BC, Canada

1 comment
  • Fun Times
    Fun Times Sounds good Ill give it a go with some local fish here .. Cheers
    September 24, 2011