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The take or the capture

I mostly go carp fishing and sometimes after waiting hours or sometimes days for a run, when one does come its almost better than the actual landing of the fish. I wonder if its the same with other people and other types of fishing. For example if you are lure fishing is it the actual take thats the most exciting or when you actually net the fish ?
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  • Angelo Mastrando
    Angelo Mastrando With carp fishing I love just to hook them and hearing the drag rip, but it tick's me off so much when I waited such along time and they shook the hook out Every other kind of fishing it's the landing I love don't matter from a bluegill to a 8-lb bass...  more
    January 28, 2012 - Report
  • lee gallagher
    lee gallagher the take is always exciting because you don't neccessarily know at first if whats on the other end is a monster or an old wellie. (which a friend of mine actually hooked once on the retrieve and convinced himself was a leviathan! he was the laughing...  more
    April 14, 2012 - Report
  • jessie lal
    jessie lal lol well live bait fishing here its the take that excites me cuz we dont use rods or reels we use 6" plastic casters and wen u hook ur bait and put him in the water u kno wen ur gona get a bite lol cuz u gona feel him tremble wen he sees somethin...  more
    September 30, 2012 - Report
  • jessie lal
    jessie lal oh and the nice thing about here is that u dont hav to wait hrs for a bite most times as we reach on a fish bank within mins ur pulling king fish or jacks and if 1 gets away u dont worry u just hook annother bait and go again and sometimes u see them...  more
    September 30, 2012 - Report