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    Ed Elefante
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Kayak Fishing


  • joe hosler
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnbG0yS3Ays&feature=youtube_gdata_player Check out this tarpon I caught in islamorada!
  • Mike Zilkowsky
    Here is a video from a kayak fishing afternoon away from work.

    03:57Pike fishing on Winefred Lake
    Got an afternoon off from work and headed to the lake to slay some pike. Landed 23 and lost at least 12. My new favorite lake!!
  • Niels Holler
    03:28Pike fishing from a canoe early spring day. Geddefiskeri fra kano en tidlig for\u00e5rsdag
    En tidlig forårsdag er vi ude i kanoen og fiske lidt gedder, op til lidt under 5 kg.One early spring day we are out in the canoe and fish some pike, up to just under 5 kg.
    • Niels Holler
      Pali Fisher Nice video, looks like a great day at the water. Håber i er gået væk fra lipgriper, den er ikke optimal til gedder da deres nakke ikke kan tåle at bære fiskens vægt på den måde. Det kan skade fisken, i værste tilfælde dør den af det bare så i...  more
      • September 7, 2012
  • Niels Holler
    I do not kayak, but a canoe ... hope it's ok
  • Chang Sien Chin
    Contemplating buying a Hobie mirage pro angler, I live in the bahamas and will be fishing flats and offshore.This boat looks amazing but is it worth the price tag? are there any comparable alternatives?

    Thanks in advance
  • Patrick Tennyson
    Hello all you fishers from kayaks.
    I have never fished from a kayak but a good friend of mine uses one the big lakes in the west of Ireland and says they are a brilliant way to creep up on trout.
    Check out my new design of fly casting aid that might...  more
    02:37EaziCast Wrist Support & Casting Aid.wmv
    A neat, comfortable and lightweight device you can wear to make casting easier when fly fishing. To purchase log onto www.eazicast.com
  • james ruland
      - YouTube
  • richard coven
    ive never fished kyak but ive taken thise pedal boats out from a resort and tried to fish
  • Ed Elefante
    What rod and reel combo do you regularly use when kayak fishing?
  • Ed Elefante
    What model kayak do you use now and if you were to upgrade, what would you get?
  • Midwest Fishing Show
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