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New Albums Section -- A List Of The Very Cool New Functions

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    Cheers John, its been a dream for a long time, and we are getting there slowly , got some very cool new features to share with everyone soon. Mate its always good to hear people are enjoying and using the site because thats what its there for , so cheers again mate .. Tight lines Rob
      December 17, 2011 9:59 AM PST
  • Great website I think that it is going to turn into a big thing
      December 17, 2011 1:08 AM PST
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    Below is the feature list of the New Albums section , Im working on the site daily to fix the little silly errors that are happening here and there at the moment, thanks so much for your patience we are getting there and I hope you like the new Photos section .. Cheers Rob





    • New Attractive  Albums Home landing page
    • New Social Features for sharing pics.
    • Now  you can show off your photos on your external blogs and websites with photo badges.
    • And A New Profile Photos Strip



    Photo Viewing:


    • On the spot loading of photos

      Clicking image jumps to next image
      Likes and Comments
      New Advertising Spots that are attractive and member only
    •  Clicking on photos in activity feeds loads them on the spot now in the lightbox viewer.


    Photos and Albums Showcasing:


    • Featured Albums
    • Featured Albums Slideshow
    • Album of the Day
    • Featured Photos
    • Photo of the Day


    Photos Badge A Bit More Detailed Info :


    •  Show off your photoslike external blogs or other websites
    •   Every photo is also linked back to the site for viewing of your full photo albums if desired 
    • Multiple configuration options enable you to highly customize your TWFC photo badge.
    • You can all now can create unlimited number of photo badges Thanks to our new server.


    Your Profile Photos:


    • Photos tab on your profiles also shows the photos that you are tagged in.




    Thanks again for enjoying the site and helping this come to life   we are still young but we are certainly getting strong.


    Tight Lines


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      November 9, 2011 4:02 AM PST