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Pali's Homemade Caviar

  • This is a video of how I make my own Caviar, in this case im useing trout eggs. You can use the eggs of a number of different speicies, both fresh and saltwater fish can be used for Caviar.
    Step 1
    First I run the eggs under hot water, then isolate the eggs and remove the eggsack.
    Step 2
    Fish out small peices of eggsack, will show as white "flakes" floating above the eggs.
    (you can jump this if you like)
    Step 3
    Make and add the brine to the eggs, cover the eggs and refrigiate for 15-20 min.
    Step 4
    Let the finished caviar dripp off any excess water in a sift for a little before you jar them, don't wash em or anything. The salt brine helps preserve the caviar, it's not only to flavor the Caviar.
    The brine I use is made of:
    500 ml Water
    50 grams of salt
    Use plenty of brine to cover the eggs When it's all done, it's good for 7-14 days when stored cold in the refrigiator.
    Don't freez it!
    Normaly I use this as a topping for other things, it go very well with smoked fish, oisters and shellfish in general.
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