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07/09/2011 Worldwide Fishing Club - Site Update

  • Cool idea! Thanks for the space!
      October 30, 2011 5:15 AM PDT
  • Spot on Mark, fully agree! <*)))))><
      September 28, 2011 10:05 AM PDT
  • Getting better and better Rob.10/10 mate!
      September 28, 2011 9:55 AM PDT
  • Great stuff Stu, the more members, the better. You could set up your club as a page on here, if enough join. Then you can post notifications to them. Keep up the good work!
      September 24, 2011 7:45 AM PDT
  • I love this site, I am going fishing with the club I am in "gold coast and northern rivers kayak fishing club" tomorrow and I will do a vid and put a plug in for this site. Will try and catch a few fish as well. Will let you know how I go.
      September 24, 2011 5:48 AM PDT
  • Cheers Rob, Nicely laid out, easy to understand and all good ideas! The only thing is you're one step ahead of me, I was going to suggest looking at an App for mobiles, but you beat me to it!! Ken.
      September 7, 2011 5:15 AM PDT
  • Moderator

    Hi Everyone,


    Here is a quick run down of the most recent upgrades and what you can now do , and some of the ideas i have for the future.




    Badges is a section i hope we really take to a whole new level

    Here is one example i can see.


    For those of you in local Clubs , If you have a club Logo/Badge upload a copy to the forums here and I will create a digital badge for you , then you and other members of the same club can show your Club Colours in your worldwide fishing club profiles. Maybe one day we will have lots of different clubs and there can be some powerfull interaction between everyone


    There are also badges for most active members and VIP members the list goes on and on and on,   You can suggest any badges you like in the forums there will be a BADGES section this is for all badge suggestions.




    The Page Dashboard enables easy creation of you own pages, and allows managing various components of a page listing. 

    • Google maps integration used in Map View for page listings.
    • Owners can simply enter their page item's location address and this converts it to a formatted address and location coordinates to be plotted on map using Geocode API.
    • Searching enabled over page profile types and custom fields
    • Name / keyword based search
    • Proximity Search to find page listings around a location at a distance
    • Pages can be liked / unliked
    • Page profile shows users who like it
    • Most Liked Pages homepage widget
    • Page owners can send updates to users who Like their page

    • Suggest to Friends link

    • Videos, Notes, Events, Polls are some other content extensions.

    • Inviter and Promotion: Page owners can promote their page by importing their address books from popular webmail services and contact lists and inviting their friends or fans to visit & explore their page


    - Social Sharing Buttons for quick sharing on favorite social networks.


    Reviews & Ratings: Categorical and attractive ratings system. Rating parameters based on page categories enable you guys and gals to give accurate opinions. Separate pros and cons fields in reviews easily highlight the good and bad experiences of reviewers. All Members can mention if they would recommend the page to someone. Reviews section on page profiles show their reviews. Users can post comments on reviews and 'Like' the ones they find useful.



    AND there is more but you get the point ;)


    Just dont use really large images - appart from that there is no reason you shouldnt get on and make a page you can build it up over time :)



    Invite Friends ( Spread the word its easy )


    New Friends Inviter for Our Worldwide Fishing Club this allows Foundation members of our community to invite known fishing friends from all popular email serves,   allowing you easy access to address books you may have to inviting your contacts. 

    Ofcourse no data is stored this is all done via a system well known in the internet world and we never see any of your login details garenteed.


    Networking DNA  



    Express signup for new users

    New Facebook - Autologin / Single Sign On
    Intelligent Facebook session detection allows you to automatically log into our club whenever you are also logged into Facebook.

    Facebook - See My Facebook friends
    You can see Facebook friends that are also members of our community, also discover friends that are not yet members and be hopefully be tempted to invite them :)


    New signup icons

    * Setup your own applications for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc
    * Status update :) , Your status is automatically updated across all connected networks - Twitter, Facebook, Myspace this rocks :)


    *Facebook - Invite Your Facebook Friends

    *Import profile photo
    new users profile photo is automatically imported when available (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, ...)






    This is pretty straight forward and still not sure how to jump start this but hopefully we will get there in time, Im certainly no cheif but thought maybe this would be a nice section to add.







    This has been one of the longest and hardest decisions i have had while trying to put this community together , The last thing i want is for the site to look or feel like a commercial !  I thought about adsense but it just didnt look right and i thought about paid sections and still have some ideas there but i would love to keep it all free and think i have found away this can happen and in away i certainly feel comfortable with..


    Here is my idea,


    I will create a section for ADS but the catch is only members can use it :)  so it will only be fishing companies and or people who want to promote there pages or profiles.. This is the cleanest way i can think of for our club to help pay for some of the of bills and help spread the word , but we will see what happens with that still a work in progress :)





    Final Word


    Now with the help of all of you we are getting to the point where the club will grow its own brain almost and i will fade away into the back end to make sure everything runs well and is updated to the best i can..  I have some pretty cool plans, one of which is a moble App for iphones and android which you will all be able to download and have instant access to other members and uploading videos and pictures from your phones , GPS pin point location mapping if you want that , and video and live chat member to member via your phones FREE if i can get it right  ;)


    Their are other plans ofcourse as well , but the app and overall site speed are the main focus for the next 2 months :) I really am in love with this idea and doing everything i can to make it everything it can be . 


    Thank you all again so much for all your help , every little bit helps .. Every video that you mention us in, every blog post you link to us from and every friend that you invite really makes a massive difference. Just imagine if every member now invited one fishing friend we would have almost 600 members over night,


    I still believe we wont really know what we have here untill we get 1000 members . 





    So My goal is to get  1000 Foundation Members in total and i want to do that  before XMAS , one thing i want to point out , is i delete spam members so every member we have here is a REAL member a real person - personally invited by me or by YOU and of real value as a friend or contact and thats why all of you who are members now have had your accounts upgraded as promised already to life time Foundation Member Accounts.



    Thank you again

    Tight lines 










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