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Pali's Goulash Soup

  • I often cook this Goulash soup when I go fishing for a weekend, it's easy, very tasty and there are easy food for a few days when I cook a good pot full.


    I use about


    500-1000 grams of beef cut in cubes.

    500-1000 grams of fresh carrots

    500-1000 grams of fresh potatoes

    300-500 grams of onion

    100 gram Tomato concentrated pure'

    Maybe a few fresh tomatoes



    2-4 bay leaves

    Salt and pepper as u like


    + plenty of water.


    Plenty of room for changes, remember to cook it for 2½-3 hours or more to get it really nice


    Here is a link to the video, as it will not show atm in the forums




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