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Greetings from Denmark

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    Im with you guys on the hot chicks as well, i did about the same amount of years fishing for them so must count :) ,, Welcome aboard Tobias
      August 6, 2011 11:23 AM PDT
  • Hey and welcome Tobias, glad to have you here! I agree..catching a few hot chicks in clubs DOES count! :P

      August 6, 2011 10:00 AM PDT
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    Hello Rob and everyone else


    Glad to be here!


    Im a fresh green sprout going on my summer No#32 and I have been fishing on and off for most my life. Had about a decade where I did'nt fish so much from I was 20 to 28, unless hooking hot chicks in clubs counts as landing a big catch.


    Mainly I fish for Carp, Northern Pike, "Euro" Perch, trouth and salamon. Most of the fishing I do is Catch n Release, as I mainly fish in fresh water and I prefere eating saltwater fish. Besides fishing I also enjoy nature walks, camping, tree climbing, australian repelling or wall running as it's know as here and many other hobbies.



    I love to travel and wish I had the money to do it all the time, then I would be tracking the globe with a rod bag, survival kit and some video cameras.

      August 6, 2011 8:59 AM PDT