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Ameriacan Carp Angler

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    Great Intro Eric .. I just took a look at your site i see you have some google rank good on you :) hope your getting some traffic , i saw you have a bit of pr on your blog as well , good stuff ,anyhow if your interested im just gonna set up a page or forum post first about web stuff and well depending on the interest might start dropping in tactics i have used in the past that have helped me get to where i am now .. Anyway welcome again if i havent said it already and thanks for taking the time to share your vids and thoughts here with us all, i know i for one have enjoyed them .. Cheers Rob
      August 2, 2011 6:44 AM PDT
  • Hey from Masschusetts. Been fishing since I was 9 years old...well before prolly but those are some of my first memories really. That puts me at over 25 years of fishing..and still just as obsessed. I fish multiple times per week if possible and am basically a "carp bum", much like John Gierach, except for, as I've said carp...which I have mainly fished for over the last 6 years or so. I have put my spin gear down for all other species, except carp..instead choosing to chase bass/trout/panfish and all the rest on the fly, though to be honest I am still fairly new to fly fishing and tying.


    Anyway we run a website here in Massachusetts call www.blackstonecarp.com, where we showcase our you-tube blogs and have started building some tutorials and such to help others around here get into carp fishing and stop looking at them as a "trash" fish. We also host a yearly fishing derby as well as a few other events, and are volunteers in the National Park Service.


    I am extremely passionate about my fishing and look forward to sharing some of that with you guys.

      July 28, 2011 10:23 AM PDT