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The Best Course I Have Ever Done

  • Last Day Today sorry i got this to everyone so late .. My Bad..


    Cheers and Tight lines.. Rob

      April 27, 2012 12:27 PM PDT
  • Hi Everyone

    I've only just been in contact with my friend Andy's , and i didnt know but its his "Video Boss" video course launch 3 today (24th April 2012).

    This post is all about Video so if thats not you then no need to read anymore :) bu if there is anyone out there wanting to learn a skill, or really wants to make better videos. I wish i could express here how much i recommend this course.

    Ill tell you straight in the last 10 years I have easily spent over $100,000 on all sorts of training online. Sure i got a few gold nuggets from most but really some were not so good, but the one thing they did do was give me shortcuts to help me get to where i wanted to go.

    I started learning from Andys about 2 years ago now its by far the best course i have ever done.

    Beware this is a professionally made course, not just a put together to sell $197 product, and its expensive , in depth and certainly not for everyone , but I wouldnt waste your time or mine writting here if i didnt think that for some of you this might just be something your interested in and can really do well from having. And if i didnt know that anyone can do this no matter what level you are at.


    Unfortunatly It wont be available for very long this is the thrid and im told final time this content has been  refreshed and offered. I know this because each year i tell my friends and I have watched the offer close before some decide , but hey i guess thats life right something are meant to be. I expect it will stay open 3-7 days but its pretty hard to tell, Andys products have very good rep , and i expect word to spread pretty fast from now.


    The fact i didnt know until today.. means you missed the pre lauch last week, where Andy released Video revealing the exact tools and tactics his students are using with online video ut you will get a good idea from watching this last video if its good for you or not.

    So if you want to stop playing and become a Video
    BOSS, or at least learn abit more about this course,

    Andy has a LOT more to share with you and i certainly recommend it.

    You can watch the FINAL public "Video Boss" release here.


    And, this is a special EARLY notice from
    me to you (Andy told me today it's okay).

    So you're seeing this last video BEFORE the public.

    Ok i have rambled enough , Good luck and let me know if you do do it , or if you have a questions maybe just post them here or PM me here and ill do my best to answer them for you, I have done this course twice now ;)  a life-time member so got some good inside info on it hahah for me im at the end now but hey for you it could be just a start.

    For EVERYONE ELSE, this really IS the END of a fantastic chance at a complete Video course.

    If it sounds like you , Don't miss this one,

    It is open for now : http://budurl.com/Andysvideocourse

    Cheers for now

    Tight lines

    Rob Oliver

      April 23, 2012 7:50 PM PDT