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LBG Mission

  • Its hard to believe that was almost 4 years ago #WTF #boomrock
      February 2, 2016 5:12 PM PST
  • Now thats a good report, on a fishing trip i should have gone on :) ..

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      March 11, 2012 10:27 PM PDT
  • Yesterday i was looking at the weather report, not really believing what i was seeing. so i sent my mate a txt and he was keen as beans! however later on that night he pulled out and it was to late notice for someone else to come.

    I decided I would leave later so i didn't have to do the long and treacherous walk on my own in the dark.
    The spot is no real secret so here is the give away photo
    Worked out good for the GF as she could get a ride to work, i could also get my bait and burly with no real rush. after buying 9kg burly, 2kg pillies, a skippy and whatever else i could find in the freezer it was time to go. 
    Arriving at the beach i packed the rest of my bag and walked past the boat ramp. stopped and talked to a guy there and he very kindly gave me a lift there!! I couldn't believe it! saved me a good walk. 
    As we got closer we saw another guy already there, who was giving me a very confused look as we motored into the channel and dropped me and all my gear off.... started to set up and he says 'I got a livie in the pond if you want it' 
    I couldn't believe my luck! 
    Out goes the live bait and i start trying to catch another to replace his. After about half a hour this was the pond 
    We spot a serious work up about 2-300m out. hoping it was going to come towards us. an hour or 2 later we spot some kings harassing our live baits. both of ours get hit and spat Angry put another out from our pond but they had gone so i started bottom fishing.
    HEAPS of blue cod! was unbelievable unfortunately none of which made 33cm 99% of them were 32cm..... started to think my tape measure was wrong but they all went back. 
    My reel let off another scream, Clambered over the rock to the LBG rod, put it in gear, hoping for a king....... a HUGE couta jumps Cry  measured 136cm and was added to the burly. put another livie out.
    The other guys reel let out a little noise, not a full tit scream like we wanted to hear.... but he clambered over to the rod with no less speed. pulled in a good size John Dory.
    By this time it was getting a little later and i started to organize all my stuff again and packing things up. 
    As i had packed most things up i looked over at my livie and i see something circling him. then wack! looked like a little rat king so i let him take the bait for about 15m before i striked, was expecting more power but wasn't till i got it in closer i see its a horse of a Kahawai.... 3.5kg
    After that i decided to head off.
    Was a brilliant day! no king landed but had a strike and saw them in the burly.
      March 5, 2012 12:26 AM PST