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Hello From Oregon(pleas read)

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    Hi Alexander,

    Bummer about the shoulder man thats pretty harsh at a young age, we have a few guys here that have similer issuses with health , and well feel for you man . Hopefully the site can fill a little hole and let you travel around abit fishing without even leaving home, while you recover.
    Im happy you are enjoying the site and well its people like yourself that are using it and enjoying it that will make it a better place for us all to enjoy :) . In time and with a few 1000 more members we will really become something very very cool i believe.

    Im like you , i already get a buzz out of seeing all the vids and fishing locations being uploaded and shared from people all over the world . So just wanted to say hi and give you a presonal welcome to the site.

    Cheers again
      March 5, 2012 4:15 AM PST
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    Hi again alexander, great intro post.

    Sounds like a PITA with the bad shoulder and hope you will get that fixed in a near future, im no flyfisher but I know a few who acctualy messed up the shoulders on flyfishing from wrong casting. So if you already have a bad shoulder, I would deffently advise you to find a instructor who can show you how to cast. As I understand thats the main issue with fly fishing, getting the cast just right.

    24 is no age to be disabled, so I most deffently hope you will get well. Only a few years ago I was in a fall accedent and crushed my right heel and broke my foot, where doctors told me I most likely would never get to walk right again and specialy not get back to climbing. My luck was when I had the accedent I told em I did'nt have time for the operation and prosboned it, that later turned out to be just my luck as everyting just slept back in place and healed up. If they had opend my foot up, poking around it would most likely not have healed in the same manner.

    If im ever getting across the pond and find myself in Oregon, i'll be shure to send you a mail.

      February 29, 2012 12:51 PM PST
  • how we doing all hope all is well having a wonderful time on the site honored to be a part of it cant wait to spend time getting to know as many fellow fisherman as possible...i count myself one of the lukiest people in the world to live in such a wonder place Oregon isnt near as well known as it should be and im afraid its being abused more than proteced. ive been a bait fisherman my whole life and recently took up fly fishing and i absolutely love it. im currently unable to work due to my right shoulder being completely torn up and im disabled until thats fixed which is really a hard thing to swallow seeing as i am only 24years old..what does keep me going are people like you who are fishing  and enjoying what we have been given. i cant wait to fish as many of the beautiful locations as possible that all of you wonderful people do such a good job of showing us giving us small glimpses into with your beautiful pictures and amazing videos i thank you so much for sharing.if anyone gets a chance to visit Oregon please contact me and i will do all i can to show u a great time and what we have to offer as far as im concerned you fish your family. thanks for reading Tight Lines guys

    Alexander Wiliams


      February 27, 2012 7:01 PM PST