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28-30/02/2012 Upgrade and coming soon notes

  • Moderator

    Hi Andrew , 


    Sounds like a good idea to me to , you could just link back to your profile but i get the point of some kinda widjet people could use ..

    ill certainly look into what might work for this .


    Cheers for the idea , every bit of feedback helps and if its gonna bring members ;) then im on it..



    Ill be in contact .. at the moment the closest thing i could think that we have is a picture badge ,, im gonna spend some time making

    some tutorials on some of the not so well known features of the site now that we are getting closer to a stable version of the site and its features.


    Hopefully you see something in there that might hold you thru till we get something more suitable for followers ..


    tight lines


      January 28, 2013 8:06 PM PST
  • Hey Rob,


    For those of us out there with our own angling websites and blogs, how about creating a Facebook-style button/widget for us to place on our sites and at the bottom of our articles that says something along the lines of "Connect with Anglers Name on The Worldwide Fishing Network"?  That way, if the reader is already a member of TWWFC, they can click the link to send a friend request to the writer; or if they are not a member they might just click the link and sign up to be a member!


    It would be good advertising to spread the TWWFC word, on hundreds of blogs & sites Worldwide and it would also help anglers who write build up a large network of friends & followers.


    Just an idea, but personally I think it's a winner and something you should focus on developing soon.


    Regards from the UK,



      January 28, 2013 3:22 AM PST
  • Moderator

    Hi everyone , well there are 100 + fixes this upgrade but most wouldnt make sense so ill just list a few that might for those who are at all interested.



    Fixed issue with being able to send messages to members that are not your friend

    Fixed issue with image permissions

    Fixed issue with messages from deleted members

    Fixed error when rejecting a friend request

    Fixed issue with feed comment option list

    Improved javascript automatic link enabling

    Fixes issue with Internet Explorer

    Fixes issue where exception is thrown when tagging someone twice

    Adding a token to the activity feed post to reduce spam

    Fixed link enabling issue; added recaptcha support 

    Fixed error when deleting an ad with an attachment


    Also now


    Mandatory profile images during the signup process. (should really help with spam accounts :):)

    Fixed out-of-memory error in the invite guests box



    COMING SOON ....


    Full Ebay Style AUCTION SECTION  (Will replace Classifieds)

    New Advanced Chat with full File Sharing Options :)

    Foundation Membership Cards For Foundation Members  

    Sitewide Feedback Tab

    Advanced points based forum section


    and plenty more ...



    Hope you are all well, and enjoying the site..


    Thanks again as always  for all your suport and tight lines to you all..


      February 26, 2012 10:34 AM PST