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Tuna and Trevally's

  • This summer the weather has been amazingly calm. I know for those of you above the equator it is winter, but for those of us below, summer. We have had a lot of rain but also a lot of very calm days. That of course makes for great fishing.

    Our good friend and artist extraordinaire, Nick Hannen of Marine Graphics Ink, is visiting from Melbourne Australia. As promised we take him out for a fish along with our friend Bendan Yee.
    The weather was perfect and the fish reports were even better.
    From Tuna and Trevally's Overcast skies and calm seas with Mr. SUAVE (Nick) posing on the boat.
    It was not long before we found the tuna schools and birds.
    From Tuna and Trevally's We were able to get right on the school without them dropping or spooking. This of course made the fishing all the more fun as all you had to do is flick your lure out and bang, your on.
    It did not take long before the tuna were coming onto the boat. First up was a nice double with Brendan and Nick.
    From Tuna and Trevally's That was followed closely by Rosie catching a YFT.
    From Tuna and Trevally's And of course not to be out done, yours truly caught a really nice skippy.
    From Tuna and Trevally's All of this fish kissing has to do with our fishing club monthly competition. This month of course was kiss the fish.
    After an hour of this hot and furious action it was time to move on to bigger and better fish. So a short run inside a lagoon and time to catch GT's.
    A little background on Brendan first, he has never caught a GT in all the times he has been out with us so this was going to be his day of reckoning.
    We motor over to some of our favorite bommies that we know will produce and start casting. I have Rosie take the wheel so I can give Brendan a few pointers and a head start.
    Guess what, I catch the first GT of the day.
    From Tuna and Trevally's Not huge but a hell of a fighter. Here is the video.
    So after a little bit more instruction from Rosie it is now Brendan's turn to catch his first GT.
    From Tuna and Trevally's A beauty and here is the video.
    Next up is Nick, and he catches a cracker also. He is by far the closest thing to being a fishing machine next to Rosie.
    From Tuna and Trevally's Now you know who's turn it is next. She has not boated a GT yet and that just ain't right. So here we go. First up is a little fella.
    From Tuna and Trevally's But you know that is not gonna do. So I move the boat here and there, at here behest of course. Until finally she lands the GT that is deserved of it's picture with Rosie.
    From Tuna and Trevally's The days tally was 4 yellowfin, 5 skipjacks, 6 GT's. Not bad for 5 hours of fishing. Brendan was happy he caught his first GT, Nick was happy he was fishing, Rosie was happy she was fishing and I was happy just to be out there.
    Until next time.
    Tight lines
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