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See the Light in Autumn
    • Last updated September 30, 2013
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  • Barnegat Light N.J. - Get Directions

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  • Rob Oliver likes this
  • Rob Oliver
    Rob Oliver  · September 30, 2013
    Sounds like a great place Leon , how big are the fish around there? How bigs a good Bluefish or Striped bass ?
    • Leon Checinski
      Leon Checinski  · September 30, 2013
      Hello Rob I feel lucky to live so close to this wonderful place. The Striped bass can be caught from just a few pounds all the way up to 60 pounds or even more. I think the Jersey state record is 78 pounds. The Bluefish are well known for there great...  more
      • Rob Oliver
        Rob Oliver  · October 15, 2013
        Dam ! Those are big fish man , now it sounds like an even better place .. These bluefish sound like giant versions or our kahawai from what i can tell .. Just goes to remind me how much more category work i got on my hands over the next few months for...  more

See the Light in Autumn

Posted By Leon Checinski     September 30, 2013    


It is Autumn in New Jersey. My mind wanders all day with thoughts of big Striped Bass in the surf and I am fishing my go to spot as much as possible. Barnegat Light on the Barnegat Inlet is located in Southern New Jersey and the location offers wonderful access to some of the Alantics hard fiighting fish.

The Inlet is a wonderful sort of roadway for fish to swim in and out of the  Barnegat Bay.

They move in and out with the tides, chasing the bait fish and  fishing from the Jetty there can be very productive.

When fishing this area one cant help but get lost in the natrual Beauty of this place.

I have spent countless hours ther taking pictures, catching fish, and just taking in the sites.

If I feel inspired I may walk up the 227 steps to the top of the Lighthouse just for the amazing veiws.

This is a place that has become a big part of my life and it manages to touch my soul every time I am out there.

For a fisherman and an outdoorsman it is unavoidable when you come to this place.

In the fall it becomes a place of silent beauty. The tourists are gone and the heavy boat traffic has thined out.

At this time of year every fishermans thoughts turn to the mighty Striped Bass.

We here in New Jersey are living right smack in the middle of what many people call the Striper coast.

As much as I do love Striper fishing I cant help but think about all the other great fish that can be caught here.

Stripers, Bluefish,Tautog, Fluke,Sea Bass, the list goes on and on.

All these fish and many more are available in the Barnegat Light area so come give it a try.

There is a restroom at the lighthouse, many places to have a good meal in the area and a guy who is out there always catching fish and taking pictures and just getting lost in the greatness of this wonderful place.

Come on out and enjoy all it has to offer. If you do I will join you. We will catch some fish and have some laughs.

Come see the Light in Autumn.