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Lee Morris
I turned up at the lake on Tuesday 10 April 2012 and found the fish just out side of a four acre bay - they were in the week previous on this 42 acre lake.

The fish were at some distance – around 160 yards in a bay off an island and I could just make them out with my binoculars, clouding up in the bay so I set up my distance fishing kit and filled a mini spomb up using Super Seed Chilli Hemp, Bait-Tech prepared particle and a few of my own boilie baits.

I could just about manage a 130 yard chuck with the mini spomb and almost instantly the fish were on it clouding up fizzing away so after about 20 to 30 spombs were out, out went the hook baits and within half hour of the rods being out the left hand rod was away and this 36lb 5oz carp graced my net.

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