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SK4 reel 7/8
Unreal peice of kit, you can even see the quality, machined out of marine grade alumminium spare spool is £50 whole reel is about £100

James Watson's Album: Sonik SK4 fly rod and SK4 fly reel

DESCRIPTION : This is a late birthday/christmas present from my dad. The rod is a 7/8 it has a smooth-fast action, so i don't get to tiresome after a day of trying to reach out far. It has a thumb indent for a lot of comfort (i usualy have a rookie problem of gripping fly rods too hard, but for some reason i dont with this rod. The reel is machined from a block of very tough aluminium (marine grade i think) it's got everything i need, very smooth, the drag is very responsive, my only problem with it is a lack of a sealed drag, so it has to be oil'd often.