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Photo 8 of 10 in Home Made Casting Sinkers

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Selection of sinkers
Here is a few of my favorite sinkers, Grapnel, Star, and beach bomb . I recovered my money for the moulds after making 40 grapnel sinkers.

Grant Arctic's Album: Home Made Casting Sinkers

DESCRIPTION : Home made Casting ( Grapnel ) sinkers and other beach sinkers.

  • Pali Fisher
    Pali Fisher What is that small furnice called, I have seen them on youtube but I can't figure out where to find one. Very nice pictures Grant, thanx for shareing
    November 21, 2011
  • Grant Arctic
    Grant Arctic Pali , the melting pot is a Lee Lead Furnace 20lb. I got mine from a gun store, they are popular with guy's who make bullets. It has made the job alot easier and safer, and was worth every cent i paid. It was $130 Au . If you order one just make sure it...  more
    November 22, 2011
  • Pali Fisher
    Pali Fisher Thanx Grant, I will see if I can find a gun store and see if they sell or can order one for me. We run 240 and 400 volt here in all houses, so I just have to avoid the 110 volt. Here you need a seminar where u get a special licens for makeing ammo, you...  more
    November 22, 2011