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Photo 2 of 43 in My Fishing Pics For 2014

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A Nice Kahawai But A Bit Big For Live Bait
These are the most common catch around the Wellington area and make great Raw Fish and are also very good smoked. Unfortunately they are beginning to be netted for cat food thats sold in Aussy and I just think thats all wrong !

Rob Oliver's Album: My Fishing Pics For 2014

DESCRIPTION : My Fish caught around Wellington and New Zealand in 2014

  • Chris Verhoeven
    Chris Verhoeven there was no shortage out hunters today robbie. biggest workup i have even seen!! it was glass flat with the only disturbance in the water being an easy 300mx300m of dense KY feeding on the surface and not a bird to be seen. was an amazing sight!!
    April 4, 2014
  • Rob Oliver
    Rob Oliver Were you able to get a big lure under them for the kingies? I been there on days like that man last time I admit was years ago but got three kingies all over 12 kg jigging under the kahawai was primo! Got some primo moki out the south coast today man ,...  more
    April 5, 2014